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Real Estate Market Newest Trend – The Lease Purchase

Have you been struggling lately to sell that property, so that you can finally unlock your investments? Most of the real estate professionals agree to the fact that a Lease Purchase is the best option that a seller can take advantage of in such cases.
Lease Purchase
If you offer a Lease Purchase Agreement to an individual wanting to buy your property, you will start earning right away:
Lease Purchase
•    You will get anything between 3% and 5% or even more as a deposit. This percentage is calculated according to the real value of your property on the market. Therefore, you are an instant winner because you can pocket some cash immediately.
•    Moreover, you will receive every month a given amount, which the potential buyer pays as “rent”, or the actual lease.
•    When the contract is up (in most cases 24 months at the top), the buyer will make a full down payment for the property.

With today’s real estate market fluctuations, if you put your property for sale, it could go well over 3 or even more years until you can sell it. So why not taking advantage of the Lease Option, which will definitely benefit you? It is also an option that is much loved by buyers, since they have the necessary time at disposal to gather the required amount in order for the purchase to take place (such as getting qualified for loans, or other means). You, as a seller are highly encouraged to undertake this option, especially if you want to see some of the burden incurred with extra costs gone instantly.

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